Photo of Brandon
Photo of Brandon

Hi, I’m Brandon.

Brandon Archambault Vitamin T Detroit, MI

I'm here to help! No, really, I am. I take a strategic approach to recruiting and strive to find the perfect fit for talent and clients. I'm continuing to gain new skills and expand my craft, so you'll have the best possible experience. The creative space is unlike any other industry and it's a true privilege to be apart of such an amazing community. My goal is to build long term relationships and bring great people together while helping to grow this awesome city we call Detroit.

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  • Here are a few strategic ways to dodge (or kind of answer) the question without sounding shady or defensive.
  • AI holds the potential to become a powerful extension of human intelligence. #AI #VitaminT #GotCreatives
  • TICK TOCK! Don't miss your chance to enter to win a $5,000 grant to benefit a nonprofit of your choice from @aquent…
  • Digital change agents tend to see how customers + employees are changing & that efforts need to be cross-functional.
  • Here are some tips for finding and interviewing candidates who could make a difference at your company. #Tech #Jobs

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