Photo of Carrie Megan
Photo of Carrie Megan

Hi, I’m Carrie Megan .

Carrie Megan Whittington Vitamin T Houston, TX

Hey there! My name is Carrie Megan and I'm a native Texan. While business development is heavy in my professional background I don't want you to think I'm that overbearing "sales peep" that goes on and on rambling about the company I represent. Now don't get me wrong, VitaminT is such a unique thriving company that I want to tell the world of creatives about. However, I like to take the consultative selling approach. I truly do care about your company's success, as if I were the owner. In my current role at VitaminT, I help companies in the Greater Houston area hire the best Creative, UX and Digital Marketing professionals. Creativity by definition is "the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work". Imagine how dull the world would be without creatives...eek now that was scary! At VitaminT we KNOW creatives and we make GREAT matches. We also offer a 110% guarantee - who does that?? We live in such a dynamic, diverse city - let's connect today and get creative!

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