Photo of Chrissy
Photo of Chrissy

Hi, I’m Chrissy.

Chrissy Andrews Vitamin T Dallas, TX

If you need a rockin' gig, I have plenty of 'em. All have been Vitamin T approved, too. Call me and let me help connect you to the creative team that you're looking for!

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  • The product placement in Hallmark movies are on another level! #SubtleProductPlacement #HallmarkMovies…
  • What was that? #TTUvsTEX
  • RT @247Sports: The Sun: 1 The Cowboys: 0 #LACvsDAL
  • First Pupaccino! ☕️ @Starbucks #StarbucksAddict #CotonDeTulear #StarbucksPupaccino #PuppyLove
  • These Refs sure want West Virginia to win.. #TEXvsWVU

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