Photo of Jeff
Photo of Jeff

Hi, I’m Jeff.

Jeff Edwards Vitamin T Portland, OR

Have spent the past 10 years in tech staffing and I'm excited to join the Vitamin T and learning everything I can about the creative space.

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  • I'm picking the Washington Huskies in the #FiestaBowl! Who do you have? #PurpleReign #GoHuskies @QuickenLoans
  • RT @SOORstate: And that's a wrap! We had a FANTASTIC showing and thanks to you we raised $206,358... and counting! Although Isaac & Suke's…
  • RT @dannykanell: A certain network will start pushing for a non conference champ Bama to make the playoff in 3, 2, 1......
  • RT @PFF_College: đź”’
  • RT @iropp: I was fired from Talkin' Ball. If you are a Blazers fan you may want to hear why. Link to segment:

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