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Get the August Desktop Wallpaper from Our 2016 Talent Calendar

Get the August ...

August is here!

Time for picnics, music in the park, and of course another wonderful desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 talent calendar.

This month we’re featuring work from star talent Yuta Shiromaru.

Download the .zip file of our August artwork

Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, Yuta was studying graphic design at college when he began illustrating to occupy his off hours. His hobby continued to grow and soon he and his friends were holding exhibitions of their artwork all around the city. Eventually it was that passion that would lead to his career as a professional illustrator.

Aside from the terrific work he does through our Fukuoka office, he’s still part of a collective, as a contributing member of the professional group Illustrator's Tsushin (which translates roughly to “Illustrators Network”).

Yuta says that he focuses on the balance between color and composition and uses the joy he gets from seeing beautiful landscapes, fashion, art, and people as inspiration to create his stunning pieces.


A big thanks to Yuta as well as all the artists who contributed work to our 2016 calendar.

We’ll be releasing the info on the upcoming competition for 2017’s calendar in just a few days!

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