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How to Find and Manage Creative Freelancers with a Talent Pool

How to Find and ...

Tired of tracking your favorite freelancers on outdated spreadsheets? Sorting through dozens of emails desperately searching for that designer you loved?

We know what you’re going through. That’s why we’ve spent the last year or so developing Talent Pool for our clients. It’s an online tool that gives you access to a curated pipeline of vetted freelancers who are ready to go when you are.

(NOW you get the image of the dude jumping in the pool, right?)

Check out the explainer video to see how it works. It’ll only take a minute. (And fifteen seconds.)

We promise Talent Pool will help you get the right freelancer on the right project at the right time. Best of all you can manage freelancers poolside, if that floats your noodle.

Need to see more? Set up a demo by filling out this form and we’ll show you Talent Pool in action. Heck, we’ll even set up your own pool while we do.

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