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Learn Modern Web Design for Free with Aaron Gustafson

Learn Modern Web ...

We’re ecstatic to announce another great (and free) course from Aquent Gymnasium!

This time we’ve got web standards expert Aaron Gustafson teaching a terrific 6-hour course on Modern Web Design.

And yes, it’s THAT Aaron Gustafson. You know, the web standards and accessibility advocate at Microsoft, the former manager of the Web Standards Project, and the author of the “modern classic” Adaptive Web Design.


His Modern Web Design course will teach you front-end web development in six short classes. It’s the perfect thing for designers, aspiring front-end developers, or any creative looking to expand their skills and take their career to a whole new level.

You’ll learn how to mark up content with semantic HTML, use CSS as a design tool, and add interactivity to your web pages with JavaScript. You’ll also learn the basics of building a responsive website for mobile devices and tablets, as well as for the desktop.

By the time you’re finished, you will have built a multi-page responsive website that utilizes all of your new skills.

How great is that?

It’s free, as always. So sign up over at Gymnasium!

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