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The perfect creative environment to work in [QUIZ]


What working environment are you best suited to? When looking for a creative role, have you considered all the options? Take our quiz to find out if your perfect creative environment is an agency, an in-house team or a start-up.

What is your long term career goal?

A) I want to develop my skills quickly and gain a wide range of experience.

B) I want to gain in-depth knowledge and become an expert in an industry which I love.

C) I have a drive to learn and better myself. I love to try new things.

What working environment appeals to you?

I enjoy a relaxed creative environment and like to have music whilst I work.
I work well in any environment whether it is casual or more corporate.
I prefer having freedom more than a structured work environment.

Which types of industries and projects do you most enjoy working on?

I enjoy variation and like to work across all project types and sectors.
I like to work with industries/sectors that I understand and care about.
I am excited by new technology and innovative products.

How do you like to manage your workload?

I love the excitement of a fast paced environment with varied projects.
I enjoy longer timeframes to concentrate on one project and do a thorough job.  
I like to multitask and get as much value out of my time at work as possible.

What pace of working do you prefer?

I enjoy a varied workflow, with busy and quiet periods. I don’t mind overtime.
I prefer a steady and predictable workflow.
I’m a creative problem solver so I am self motivated to fill my time, even in quiet periods.

How competitive are you?

I thrive on competition. I am a team player but often compare my work with my colleagues’.
I always want to do my best but am not overly competitive.
I am a collaborative team player.

What are your thoughts on staff benefits?

Salary is more important than benefits.
I would expect staff perks and benefits to be included in my package.
I care more about the people I work with than the perks I get.

If you answered mostly As

You are the perfect candidate for an agency.


Working at a design agency is fun, exciting and varied, and is the perfect place for those wanting to challenge and push their creativity. You’ll get to work on cutting-edge projects and gain experience working with a wide range of clients, brands and services. Everyone handles multiple jobs, so you may find yourself acquiring new skills quickly. The variety of work helps keep things feeling exciting and fresh. If you love a fast pace and you’re a born multitasker then agency life may be for you.

If you answered mostly Bs

You are the perfect candidate for an in house team.


Working for an in-house team will keep you busy on a multitude of projects, with longer workflows than in an agency. Everyone on the creative team has a specific role that's well defined, so you’ll have the opportunity to specialise your skills. It gives you the chance to work in the industry you’ve always dreamed of, and work on projects that are relevant to your interests and passions. If you prize your work-life balance, and value extra company benefits, then in-house might be right for you.

If you answered mostly Cs

You are the perfect candidate for a start-up.  


In the UK last year, micro and small businesses represented 95% of all companies and employed more than seven million people. Start-up companies are big business and can offer very exciting and rewarding opportunities. It can be more risky as the company is in it’s infancy, but if you are easy going, resourceful and collaborative then the fresh thinking and exciting opportunities of a start-up could be the perfect fit for you.

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