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The Shoreditch Interviews: Get Inspired by London’s Top Creatives [Part 1]


This year’s Career Day at London’s Digital Shoreditch was hot hot hot - in more ways than one! As well as the agency contingency we invited and Career Fair in the Big Top, over 750 people came along, eager to get the skinny on the job market and sniff out new prospects.

Vitamin T pulled some favours and sold some souls to get Creative Directors from some of London’s most prestigious agencies to hold portfolio reviews for up-and-coming designers. Some of these agencies included: OgilvyOne, SapientNitro, adam&eve, Weapon7, LBi, Imagination, Essence, TBWA, Dare, and Scoop and Spoon.

Even if you didn’t make it to Career Day, then you can still garner some inspiration from some of the superstars who told us why they love to do what they do and other really important stuff like the app they simply can’t live without.

Stay tuned for all 7 creative rockstar interviews!

Abi Ellis & Simon Attwater
Creative Directors

Abi and Simon teamed up 12 years ago and have never looked back. Their shared passion for communications and storytelling has lead to the creation of award-winning campaigns and, most importantly, very happy clients. They’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most loved brands: from Apple to Starbucks to Oxfam to Aston Martin.

Follow: @LBiLondon

Quick, what does LBi do?

Abi: At LBi we blend technology and creativity. To build stuff that makes life easier, provokes people to feel something or might just make them think differently. And we do it by collaborating with the best brands in the world.

Simon: What happens when you stick 600 techno creative designbot wizards in a massive brewery? Unicorns become reality and spurt glittery rainbow sparkles all over the digisphere, that’s what! Don’t believe me? Watch the show reel.

Why do you go to work every day?

Abi: Every day is different. I never stop learning. It’s exciting to work with some of the most talented, robot-building, unicorn-riding, creative and tech minds in the universe. We dream stuff up, then build it together. Anything seems possible. And the best bit? We get to do it for the brands we grew up loving. Most importantly, I like to create things – from messages to services – that have an impact on people’s lives.

Simon: I’d be rubbish at laying tiles up a roof in the middle of winter. And the idea of having ideas all day appealed. My kids just think I sit around all day drinking tea, LOLing, scribbling stuff down and putting things on the internet. Of course, there’s far more to it than that.

Why were you at Digital Shoreditch?

Abi: I want to talk creative with people. So I turned up to look at books and make contacts with magical people – who I hope will one day join us at LBi. I also enjoyed the G&Ts later on…

Simon: Any excuse to spend a couple of hours in a red hot tent on a summer afternoon pouring over portfolios, sharing the love and meeting the next generation of creative geniuses. Oh, and I heard they were handing out free ice lollies.

Shoreditch v Soho?

Abi: Don’t be silly. Shoreditch, innit. Where else can I LOL (that means lots of love, right?) at young men wearing hairy top lips and nipple-grazing aztec vests, with ladies’ denim cut-offs and bicycle chain accessories?

Simon: There’s only one way to find out!

Augmented Reality: Pointless or life changing?

Abi: C’mon. It can’t be pointless. It’s whether we choose to harness it in a meaningful way.

Simon: The true potential has yet to be witnessed. Watch that space.

iPhone or Android or Blackberry?

Abi: I have an iPhone. And I love it in a way that might not be healthy. At work, we love them all. Promise.

Simon:  iPhones are things of beauty. And that’s before you even switch them on.

App that you can't do without?

Abi: Facebook. Hate. Myself.

Simon: The Trainline, NearMe and Google Maps. I’ve just moved to a new part of town and I’d be lost without them. Arf!

Start-ups - Europe or Asia or US?

Abi: I think I’m meant to say Asia. So, I’ll say Europe. Why not Greece?

Simon: As long as fresh energy is fueling our industry I don’t care where it’s coming from. The borders and boundaries are becoming irrelevant.

What’s the work you’re most proud of?

Abi: Every piece of work we do that takes us into the unknown, makes me proud. Especially when the results have an impact on real people. Woolly. But true. Check out It’s not my work, but I’m very proud to work with the people who’ve made this awesomeness.

Simon: Great work that works hard. That’s where I get the most satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be for a mega brand with a bottomless budget. The infi-knit machine we created for Macmillan Cancer Support combined a sweet insight with a lovely bit of real-world/digi-world cross over, all for a good cause.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the amazing and talented creatives who donated their time to make Digital Shoreditch Career Day a wonderful and nurturing experience.

If you didn’t manage to get to Digital Shoreditch this year, next year, make sure you don’t miss out!

Of course, we’re always available if you’re looking to grow your career. You can always feel free to drop us a line, or an email..

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