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The Shoreditch Interviews: Get Inspired by London’s Top Creatives [Part 4]


Welcome to Part 4 of our interviews with the UK’s brightest creative stars at this year’s sold out Career Day at London’s Digital Shoreditch.

Even if you weren’t able to attend, stick around, you can still soak up some great inspiration!

Jonathan Lovatt-Young
UX Director

Jonathan is a multi-disciplined, hands-on manager of user experience, brand strategy, and creative direction. He has held roles at a number of high-profile client and agency organisations, including Trinity Mirror Group, Fortune Cookie and Crayon.

Follow: @naughtynorth

Quick, what does LBi do? LBi is a global marketing and technology agency, blending insight, creativity, and technology to create business value. We make real magic.

Why do you go to work every day? To make customer experience better, delivering true returns for our clients. And to have fun, of course.

Why were you at Digital Shoreditch? Because when you’re starting out it’s hard to know exactly how the real world works. You’re always bumping into the same people in the industry. It’s good that one day someone might say, “I remember you going on about user journeys that hot day in 2012.”

Shoreditch v Soho? Really? I’d have to say Shoreditch, even if it’s to laugh at the painfully cool kids. (I’m not one of them, I feel like their dad.)

Augmented Reality: Pointless or life changing? Depends on the context. Games–it’s a nice to have. Environment–useful. Life-threatening surgery–essential.

iPhone or Android or Blackberry? I’ve got all three. The battle ain’t over yet, and you haven’t mentioned Windows Phone 7. I really like the approach there, especially with some decent hardware like the new Nokia.

App that you can't do without? Maps – no need to look up on Streetmap where you’re going before a meeting. Like in the old days when you saw people walking around with printouts.

Start-ups - Europe or Asia or US? I’d still say US  –they’ve got the attitude and are better at getting teams together. There’s a lot of smart people in Europe and Asia, just not so great at marketing themselves.

What’s the work you’re most proud of? The last piece of work, which is Asda. I’m a great believer in living the brand, whatever it is. And yes, I’ve been to the floor and helped stack the shelves. As Paul Arden says, there’s no bad brief –you’ve got to make it the best brief in the world. If you can’t, then it’s time to pack up.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the amazing and talented creatives who donated their time to make Digital Shoreditch Career Day a wonderful and nurturing experience.

If you didn’t manage to get to Digital Shoreditch this year, just make sure you don’t miss out next year!

Of course, we’re always available if you’re looking to grow your career.  Just drop us a line, or an email.

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