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The Shoreditch Interviews: Get Inspired by London’s Top Creatives [Part 6]


We continue with our interviews with the UK’s brightest creative stars at this year’s sold out Career Day at London’s Digital Shoreditch.

Even if you weren’t able to attend, you can still sit back and soak up some great inspiration!

Simon Lloyd & Christine Turner
Creative Digital Heads


We are a Creative Team working in Advertising in London. Our job is to come up with great ideas. We’ve worked in some great places such as Bates, WCRS, Glue London & Lowe London. We are currently the Creative Digital Heads at adam&eve London.

Follow: @simonchristine

Quick, what does adam&eve do?

Christine: A&E is a communications agency who specialises in full service communication. I specialise in the agency’s digital output, but also work on the ATL side, too.

Simon: Adam and Eve are a young communications agency with people from advertising, digital, design, creating memorable comms that get remembered.

Why do you go to work every day?

Christine: Passion for creating great ads. Not forcing brands or consumers, but encouraging engagement.

Simon: Because I love ideas, making things, and doing something different every day.

Why were you at Digital Shoreditch?

Christine: To help the young creative community achieve their potential.

Simon: To give young people the best choice possible in this competitive industry.

Shoreditch v Soho?

Christine: Torn. I love both!

Simon: Soho. (Done both. Soho has less “side.”)
Augmented Reality: Pointless or life changing?

Christine: Could be life changing. Yet to be used to its best.

Simon: Life changing if used properly.

iPhone or Android or Blackberry?

Christine: iPhone.

Simon: The are all the same. Each does different things better than the other.

App that you can't do without?

Christine: Google Maps!

Simon: Sky Sports.

Start-ups - Europe or Asia or US?

Christine: Europe.

Simon: As long as they do great work, it doesn’t matter.

Work you’re most proud of?  

Christine: Harmony House. Pottermore launch campaign.

Simon:  Pottermore launch campaign. (And my three kids.)

Once again, we’re incredibly grateful to all the amazing and talented creatives who donated their time to make Digital Shoreditch Career Day a wonderful and nurturing experience.

If you didn’t manage to get to Digital Shoreditch this year, next year, make sure you don’t miss out!

Of course, we’re always available if you’re looking to grow your career. Just drop us a line, or an email.

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