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The Shoreditch Interviews: Get Inspired by London’s Top Creatives [Part 3]


We were lucky enough to spend some time interviewing the UK’s brightest creative stars at this year’s sold out Career Day at London’s Digital Shoreditch.

Even if you weren’t able to attend, you can still sit back and soak up some great inspiration!

Martin Bui
Senior UX Architect

A rockstar in every sense of the word, Martin Bui has created award-winning digital work and dazzled his audience with user experience magic. With 16 years of experience under his belt, Martin has worked for leading global companies such as IBM, MTV, JWT, EuroRSCG, TBWA\Being. Now he works at OgilvyOne as a senior user experience architect guru. If that wasn't enough, he also trained to create incredible cuisine under one of London’s toughest bosses, Gordon Ramsay. His work reflects harmonic blend of technology and creativity while strumming rhythmic user-centric strategy.

Follow: @OgilvyWW

Quick, what does OgilvyOne do? OgilvyOne is a digital and direct marketing agency with a uniquely integrated approach to one-to-one communication in customer relationship marketing. For OgilvyOne, I create amazing and wonderful experiences, prototypes, and design for all communication touchpoints from cyberspace to retail shop floor. I’m a true ROCKSTAR that dazzles the crowd with user experience magic.

Why do you go to work every day? I don’t talk about money, like greedy bankers. I don’t pretend to be everyone’s friend, like suits. But I love creating great journeys and experiences that put smiles on people’s faces. User experience allows me to architect and plot these journeys though all touchpoints.

Why were you at Digital Shoreditch? Free food and beer. As soon as Vitamin T approached me, I thought it was a great idea―to help and educate people that are interested in or have the same love for the digital world that I do. Additionally, I wanted to represent OgilvyOne as a leader in this digital space.
Shoreditch v Soho? Soho. The talent within Soho agencies are highly underrated. Culturally, equal or better quality of bars and restaurants.

Augmented Reality: Pointless or life changing? I think it will become life changing one day, when the technology is more integrated with our lifestyle as in the Internet of Things. I’m a lazy guy, so the more that information just comes to me would be a blessing.

iPhone or Android or Blackberry? Android would be my preferred choice because of all the slick technology that is built into it; however, the iPhone is so integrated into our lives that it’s a pain to be without it. Thanks, Steve J.
App that you can't do without? Currently, it’s Hailo. Loving this app, as it rescues me from the scene of a crime and makes me feel like a VIP!

Start-ups - Europe or Asia or US? USA. USA. USA. I have a feeling that the Silicon Valley provides a strong early-stage funding ecosystem with more mentors, high ambitions, and high risk. New York is more diverse, niche and social network focused with high risks, but high returns if you nail it.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the amazing and talented creatives who donated their time to make Digital Shoreditch Career Day a wonderful and nurturing experience.

If you didn’t manage to get to Digital Shoreditch this year, just make sure you don’t miss out next year!

Of course, we’re always available if you’re looking to grow your career. Just drop us a line, or an email.

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