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UK Survey: What Skills Do You Want to See in a Creative?


From our London office:

Over here at Vitamin T in London, we get feedback on a daily basis from our clients about the creatives that they’re interviewing.

Some are looking for skills above and beyond creativity, such as an understanding of how their business works. Others only look for raw talent and will overlook everything else.

We also get feedback from our talent: What’s the best information to include on their CV / resume? What they are expected to show in their portfolio? Sometimes it’s the presentation of their work or themselves is where they need a bit of guidance.

We interviewed Simon Manchipp, Founder and Creative Director at the award-winning London-based design practice SomeOne, as well as an external examiner for two leading Universities of the Arts in London. In this short interview he gives his thoughts on what is the most exciting thing about today’s creative graduates and whether he feels they are work-ready.

“One thing I think [universities] could be doing more of, is to make the students a bit more business savvy, but actually it's not business school, its a school for designers and creativity, so it's not really their purpose to give them that."

To follow up that interview, we (and our partner ARTS THREAD) were hoping to shed more light on the issue by surveying anyone who hires creative talent in the UK market.

Your insight into what skills you are looking for is invaluable to those seeking work, and we hope to be a channel of communication to pass that information along.

Do you wish the creatives you interview had more business knowledge and were able to jump straight into projects? Or is innovation and creativity the only element you value?

If you are based in the UK and have experience hiring creatives, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this, along with what skills you want when hiring creatives, in our five minute survey.

Take our survey or email us to tell us whether you agree with Simon.

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