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Vitamin of the Week: Wayne Hill (London, UK)


Wayne Hill

With over 15 years of staffing experience in virtually every industry imaginable, Wayne’s fans (of which he has many) say he has the keen ability to connect with his clients to find them their dream talent.

With all that experience, you’d be crazy not to check out all his answers to our 11 Quick Questions!

  1. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? Not checking it before they send it out. There is nothing worse than having spelling mistakes all over the CV. Always get someone to double check it!
  2. Favorite online quiz? (And your answer.) What Would Your "Game Of Thrones" Name Be? I'm John Snow!
  3. What’s the BEST thing you can do when you’re looking for a job? Be smart, and if you want to use an agency, never use more than three. Using too many agencies can complicate things, so give yourself a timeline with each before deciding it’s time to move onto the next one.
  4. Best creative/digital event in your city? There are so many in London, but, I think the best one for me is Digital Shoreditch, a unique community celebrating the outstanding creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent of Tech City. Second is probably Glug, a great series of events for the design and creative community.
  5. Tips for making a compelling portfolio? I've always felt if you're going to show of your portfolio, to concentrate on work you have actually done yourself, not the stuff you only had some involvement with.
  6. Key thoughts about presenting a portfolio? Presenting a portfolio is not just about the pictures in the book or on your Macbook, it's also about how you verbally present it… Be sure to be clear and totally prepared to take your interviewer on a journey of your thought processes! They love that.
  7. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @CreativeBloq.
  8. Favorite social network & why? I've just gotten into Pinterest and I really like the fact that it's all about imagery or pictures without the silly conversations about some random person’s day. You choose your page and the things you like... and bang, you’re done!
  9. Describe your city in 5 words. London has a rhythm.
  10. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be so many things...a footballer or an actor springs to mind. I played a lot of football while growing up and studied acting, but never took them seriously enough to pursue a career...
  11. Guilty song pleasure? Pharrell Williams’ “Happy!”

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