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Why is Christmas Spirit so Important in the Office?


Whether you're a total festive fanatic or a bit of a sulky scrooge, there's no denying that Christmas is around the corner. With an abundance of presents, decorations and the dreaded Christmas food shop to organise, a lot of employees become busy at this time of year. Christmas can be an unwanted distraction from the day-to-day running of your business. Yet, if you spread a little Christmas spirit in the office, it can do wonders. Wonders for your productivity, company culture, as well as staff morale.

Christmas differs from other yearly celebrations, as staff expectancy is likely higher. Most businesses are likely to offer a Christmas party in a uniform attempt to boost morale; but there's more you can do.

Here are our top four reasons why Christmas spirit is so important in the office:

Boosted morale

Christmas, and in particular in December, is a time of year unlike any other. Most people enjoy Christmas, whether it's for the presents, food or quality family time. Yet, something that doesn't change during the Christmas period is work. With so many festivities going on outside of work, not acknowledging the Christmas spirit can dampen the season. A few decorations, some Christmas music or a Secret Santa can do wonders to boost staff morale. It will go a long way in ensuring your staff feel happy in their work environment.

Christmas comes hand in hand with new year, so think about your staff incentive. It doesn't have to be monetary, why not offer something more personal. Show your staff you care by celebrating the year in success. Christmas, and the new year, offer leaders the perfect opportunity to praise and reward.

Increased productivity

Staff morale and productivity go hand in hand. Christmas is an obvious time of year for productivity levels to drop off. This can be due to preoccupied staff and excitement surrounding the Christmas break. If you were to spread Christmas spirit, you might boost employees' morale. It can make for a happier, more content workforce who are eager to perform. Their eagerness should have a positive effect on your productivity levels! Ensuring your staff remain happy throughout the Christmas season can last well into the New Year.

Positive company culture

To create a cohesive company culture, you could encourage your employees to decorate the office. Spreading Christmas spirit shows that you care about your employees' wellbeing. This could contribute to the longevity of their service. In turn, this positive company culture will also help with talent acquisition and employer branding. If your employees like working for you, then you'll be a more attractive prospect for future applicants.

Communication and friendship

Creating a friendly atmosphere around your workplace at Christmas through a Secret Santa, Christmas Party, Christmas Jumper day or something similar will, at the very least, inspire conversation. This can give newer staff a chance to better establish themselves as part of the team, more senior staff the chance to bond with their teams and can generally result in your working team becoming a closer unit.  

Ensure your office or workspace is full of Christmas spirit. It will show a human side to your organisation and create a happier, more productive workforce. They will, in turn, be willing to give more back to the business.

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