Photo of Dan
Photo of Dan

Hi, I’m Dan.

Dan Weldon Vitamin T New York Metro

Through 6+ years working with incredibly creative clients & talent in NYC, I've fully embraced the ever-changing digital landscape. I love helping our clients succeed and create awesome products & experiences. As an outgoing, Brooklyn born, Jersey raised, and current NYC resident, I welcome you to join Vitamin T and I on our digitally influenced journey!!

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  • Building A.I. that can build A.I.  That's not a typo!
  • The increasing use of digital assistants gives brands new challenges and opportunities. #infographic #voicedesign
  • @VerizonSupport Following but cannot DM. Pls DM me
  • @VerizonSupport Ha - that’s who disconnected the call. There was no answer when I got transferred there
  • @VerizonSupport As it was Verizon’s error, I was simply trying to confirm that there’s nothing reported to the credit bureaus.

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